Big 2 Poker App Reviews

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This seemed to be the only (English) big two app in the store, and even though there were no reviews and it seemed like no one had bought it yet (i.e. it didnt seem good to begin with), I bought it anyway because I REALLY like big two, but can rarely get anyone to play it with me. This app is horrible. I spent about 10 minutes trying to figure out how to play (not in terms of the rules, which I already know, but rather, in terms of how to use the actual app) because it is not at all intuitive and after those 10 minutes I still couldnt figure out how to actually make my move. I had chosen my cards and everything, but it seemed like the program wouldnt let me actually play them (I tried tapping almost everywhere and I tried different types of tapping as well). So either the program is poorly written or just poorly designed (the author could at least have posted a short explanation of how to actually control the app). Another (although smaller) problem was that the UI wouldnt allow me to play in landscape view... which is really stupid for an iPad app. I wish I could get a refund!!!!!!

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